Meet Our Team


If you want to accelerate your customer acquisition rates, you need a team that will embrace your vision – and that’s what we are all about. Our talent is in the creation of campaigns that tie together the results of rock-solid research with big imaginations. The outcomes are lasting relationships that drive long-term growth for your brand.

When you meet our executives, you’ll understand the breadth of experience they possess. These individuals are skilled at raising the bar to create awareness for telecommunications services. Each one is creative and visionary, qualities we actively seek in new associates. This is what has helped our firm build a solid reputation for accelerating brand performance. We’ll pool our talents to do the same for you.



Our Executive Team

Josh Rufolo

Josh is a Baltimore, MD native who chose to open his business in Richmond because he knows a good opportunity when he sees it. The city’s rich diversity reflects Josh’s goal at Apex to create a culture which embraces the diversity of his team. Apex Management Group is inclusive and welcomes vast perspectives and opinions. Josh believes that people form our foundation, and he values their respective contributions and abilities. If there’s one thing that he is quick to dismiss, it’s the idea that something should be done just because that’s the way it’s always been. Instead, we embrace original ideas. As an All-American lacrosse player used to competition and challenge, he utilizes his team’s unique viewpoints to drive the change that sets Apex apart in an ever-evolving marketplace. Our team members continually build off one another to create each solution. If you believe in walking on the innovative side, you’ll feel at home at Apex. Josh and his team are revolutionizing the tools used to create impactful outreach. As such, Josh provides brands and his executives alike with clear pathways to attaining the levels of success they seek, maintaining a service of excellence for our clients.

Ryan Mace
Managing Partner

As a former University of Richmond football player, Ryan understands team mentality. He knows that at Apex, we stand out because of our commitment to teamwork. We’ve fostered a culture based on collaboration and innovation. This ensures tangible results that have a positive impact on brands. At Apex, we recognize that potent campaigns begin with sparks of brilliance. Ryan’s authenticity and zeal work cohesively to translate ideas into a formidable outreach campaigns. Our visionary methods ensure that each campaign is geared for maximized results. Ryan’s ambition brought him to this unique career path that truly levels the playing field, allowing for exponential growth and development personally, professionally, and financially. Like Ryan, we flourish due to our professional approach to customer satisfaction.



Cristene Hudgins
Human Resources Manager

Cristene started with the company shortly after Apex opened its doors in Richmond. Her drive, knowledge, and investment in her role are foundational to the success of our firm. She lives by Apex’s mission statement, and that commitment to the business can be seen in all of her efforts. Cristene’s confidence and positivity permeate her mantle as a leader and mentor, helping to shape and elevate those around her to be the best they can be. You’ll quickly see what a difference it makes to work with people who want to reach new heights. The same can be said for the work she does with our partners and clients. At Apex we instill each individual with confidence, resulting in outcomes that are consistently impressive. For Cristene, the betterment of others goes even beyond our office. As a Richmond local, she is committed to giving back to her community and spearheads Apex’s philanthropic efforts for RVA.

Armando Torres
Business Development and Compliance Manager

Professionalism and integrity are what can be expected when meeting Armando. Being the critical thinker he is, Armando thrives in his role because of his effectiveness to delve deep to gain actionable insights and formulate solutions. Studying international business, marketing, and Japanese at the University of Maryland, he knows exactly what it takes to achieve success when managing multiple responsibilities in his role. He loves the ability to lead and develop others to maintain the efficiency of the company’s operations, procedures, and standards of excellence. Being a company focused on diversity, Armando brings a diverse skill set and background being trilingual, speaking English, Japanese and Spanish. For Armando, his love and passion came when he realized he was building everlasting business and life skills for himself and others.


Mike Eaton
Account Manager

Mike’s aim is to always provide our clients and associates with a positive experience. That positive and professional touch is what you can expect when it comes to getting consumers excited about your business. As a former basketball player at Virginia State University, Mike has learned lessons that have helped him translate into a highly-respected and admired account executive for our office. He knows consistency is key for driving results. Our clients take satisfaction in knowing our results will consistently impress which creates accountability for our firm. He understands the value of a team and how the success for one is the success for all. Mike thrives and grows in our business because he knows the real win is bettering himself professionally and personally every day.  

Alex Turzynski
Account Manager

Alex is a VCU alum whose ambition and determination are driving factors of his success. At Apex, he extends those same qualities in his commitment to his job; specifically to the work he does for our clients. As a leader in local fraternities, Alex participated in roles geared towards community outreach, charity, and collaboration. He understands the importance of supporting others and loves the opportunity he has gained as a leader in our office to help individuals achieve their business goals. Alex knows that in turn, reaching professional goals impacts the larger picture for his team by helping them achieve their personal goals. His focus, drive, and dedication pushed him to the forefront of our team. Like our company, Alex is committed to being the best, and challenges others to do the same.

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