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Our #1 Networking Strategy

One of the values we emphasize is connection. We place a premium on connections between colleagues, but this also extends to the practice of networking. Our team members at Apex are encouraged to become better networkers and expand their circles. The bigger the network, the more experience to draw on. We find these connections to be crucial, so some of the members of our team decided to share the best strategy we’ve found when it comes to remembering new people.

Why is remembering names and faces so important? That information forms the basis for a long-lasting relationship, whether it’s in the office or across industries. How can you build a meaningful bridge between you and another person while kick-starting a fantastic relationship? The key is in how you approach it. Instead of asking boilerplate questions about his or her day, enter the interaction with tradition in mind. Is there something you can do to create an instant tradition with the person, such as offering a unique drink or asking a question he or she is not expecting to hear?
When you’ve engineered a moment that’s not easily forgotten, there’s another important step to take. Take a few seconds to remember the event, the person, and the individual’s name and face. That way, when you see him or her again, you won’t have to navigate an awkward introduction.

Growing your network doesn’t have to be an arduous task. Try using this tip today to make stronger connections that will benefit all the parties involved!

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