At Apex, we know it’s no easy task to create powerful campaigns that speak to the needs of consumers. We work with top-notch sales and marketing professionals who commit to growing their careers with us.


Training : One-on-One with Seasoned Expert

As you’ll discover, every leader at Apex began his or her career on the ground floor. You too will start your career by learning from those who know exactly what it takes to achieve success at every level in this industry. Forget about dull training videos and sleep-inducing books. You’ll spend your first day immersed in a hands-on educational experience with us. From business skills to communication, you’ll gain the knowledge needed to prosper in this career. Your coach will share wisdom and insights to help you grow in your position, while providing you with feedback to personalize your learning experience.

Travel Excitement : Professional Growth and Networking 

Itching to take your skills on the road? Some of the biggest benefits of being on our team is the opportunity to meet business leaders and establish a viable professional network. Our associates regularly attend conferences and other events at which they become acquainted with industry movers and shakers. These experiences offer them the chances to become confident marketers, and thus professionally successful. We offer our people multiple travel opportunities throughout the year. You and your colleagues will bond over conferences, networking events, as well as tropical getaways. These perks are just some of the great things awaiting those who work hard and help us meet our shared goals.

"I worked for Apex for 6 months and got promoted into management. I now run an office in Pittsburgh and I love it. Not the easiest thing I ever did, but that was why I was so motivated by it. The training program at Apex is challenging and that's what I was looking for. I never worked somewhere that I was not only challenged in the workplace, but also to change and develop myself personally. This constant stepping out of my comfort zone and getting better at least 1% better everyday made me realize quickly that I wasn't starting a job at Apex, I was starting my career."
Emmanuel Empungu
Managing Partner
"Fun atmosphere!! My co-workers are an inspiration to me-- very driven and motivated. This job changed my life for the best, and I am honestly so intrigued by everyone I work with. Josh and my team helped me so much along the way. I can't wait to see what the future holds within this company."
Susie Min
Team Lead
"First interview with Josh Rufolo - learned everything about the company and really sparked my interest in moving forward. After being here for a couple of months I've found my place here and love every day/opportunity/goal I achieve. Highly recommend Apex Management to all with interest in Sales/Marketing experience."
Ryley Brown
Team Lead

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