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Our Company Culture Is the Secret to Our Success

Apex Management is expanding, and we’re looking to showcase our company culture. We’re a fun and vibrant team because we seek opportunities to enjoy ourselves and get to know one another as well.

We think of our group as more like a family than a business team, and we want to see everyone succeed. We have team-building events like cookouts, game nights, and go-kart racing – just to name a few. These keep our Apex Management Group Inc office environment upbeat while also helping us create strong personal and professional bonds.

When we’re considering an event that will bring our team together, there are a few guidelines we like to consider. For instance, we investigate the site and then compare that to the needs of the activity and the size of the group. If we want all associates to be in the same place at the same time, striking up conversations with colleagues they might not interact with through the course of a normal day, then a large venue like an outdoor pavilion is in order, and we start planning a cookout.

On the other hand, sometimes we want to indulge our competitive spirits. Rather than split the organization into two teams though, we head to the go-kart track. Only six to eight people are allowed to race at any given time, keeping the heated competitions localized, while still allowing the whole crew to join in on the fun by cheering each other on until it’s their turn to race.

Our culture is one of our defining traits, and we take great care in maintaining it. Learn more about our team-building activities and how they add to our company ethos by liking Apex on Facebook.

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