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When you’re an entrepreneur, you aren’t simply an entrepreneur. You wear a multitude of hats, from manager to marketer to accountant. At Apex Management Group, we understand that it’s no easy endeavor. While it’s important to find time to maintain some sort of long-range focus, rest assured knowing that you will benefit greatly from wearing so many hats. For instance, you will become highly adaptable. With experience filling a number of roles, you will easily make snap decisions and adjust to unexpected circumstances. No matter how successful a business is at a given point, things c

At Apex Management Group Incorporated, we are involved in many different networking activities. Most of the advice that is offered centers on making contacts with others. However, we’d like to propose that what you really need to do is focus on making friends. Too often, networking becomes about collecting business cards and engaging in small talk. If this describes your networking experiences, our Apex Management Group Incorporated team suggests that you might want to change your strategy. A strong professional network is one that is complete with individuals who will inspire you to cha

One of the best ways to learn how to be more creative is to observe those who have leveraged their innovative talents. Often the blueprints these high achievers followed are captured in the pages of books. Our Apex Management Group Incorporated team shares their favorite reads to unlock creativity: “The War of Art: Break Through Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles”: This book by Steven Pressfield describes the real demon blocking your inner innovator – your own negative thought process. Our Apex Management Group Incorporated experts enjoyed reading how it is possible to tame t